Love Has No Limits

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Missing Aaron - July 24, 2004
Another Blah Day - July 20, 2004
Another Blah Day - July 20, 2004
Bitch Fest "04 - July 19, 2004
An Update on my Life - July 16, 2004


Another Blah Day
July 20, 2004  10:42 p.m.


                               Aaron and I have been having some hard times with being apart. We have basically lost all of our friendship that we have with each other. When I was talking to him today I had said something about it to him and he asked me how to do that and all that we can really do is start dating again, and of course he tells me that long distances relationships donít really work and he canít do it so he broke up with me (not really) so I told him the he will receive the divorce papers in the mail.

Thatís all that really happened to me today.








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