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Missing Aaron - July 24, 2004
Another Blah Day - July 20, 2004
Another Blah Day - July 20, 2004
Bitch Fest "04 - July 19, 2004
An Update on my Life - July 16, 2004


Bitch Fest "04
July 19, 2004  11:50 p.m.


                               Ok so here is today's Bitch Fest... 1st of all I hate all customer services reparative that work at AT&T, except for one very nice gentleman. Actually I really only hate one of then and that's because that stupid jerk talked to me like I was 5 years old. He told me that if the cell phone says AT&T on it then I can make a call but if it says Extended Area or Roam then its going to cost to make a phone call, well no shit you idiot. Well I didn't call him an idiot I called him a "Fucken Little Prick" and that stupid prick hung up on me!!! 2nd of all I hate that stupid psycho ex-boyfriend, he still tries to piss me off and make my life misable (can't spell that word and oh well you can get over it)well it never bothered me before today. See he saw me when I was driving a few days ago and he tried to talk to me but I just went on my way and then today he asked me how was I going to lose all that extra weight after I have the baby, well to start off I'm only 16 weeks pregnant and I have only gained 15 lbs!! That's not bad when there are women out there that gain about 3 times that amount!! AHHHH!!! Well that's about it today!! Aaron and I are doing well and it will be about 11 more days till I see him!!! I cant wait!! I want to move now but Im not packed all the way!! :( Oh Well less then two Weeks!! -Janel







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